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Scholarship Award Winners 2017

The Lance Corporal Michael J. Allred Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce that seven $1,000 scholarships were awarded for the year 2017. The recipients are Rahma Ahmed, Bradley Ashcroft, Emma Belliston, Vanessa Manual, Ashley Monson, Kately Nielsen, and Sheena Wirick. To date (2017), 75 scholarships have been awarded. See the full list of scholarship recipients here...

Ride for the Fallen - LCpl Allred's Run

Riding by First Dam

After long and careful consideration, the Lance Corporal Michael J. Allred Scholarship Foundation announces the closure of its motorcycle charity event, Ride for the Fallen.  Due to changes in the lives of our organizing committee members and the increasing needs of extended family, we now find that our time and energy need to be focused elsewhere.

During the past seven and a half years, we have greatly appreciated the incredible support you have given to our cause.  The motorcycle run grew to proportions far beyond what we thought possible.  With your generous contributions, the foundation has helped many students pursue their educational dreams, as well as contributed to various veterans’ programs and families.  The foundation will continue to provide scholarships and aid veterans’ causes in the years ahead.

We are especially grateful to our military veterans who have given so much to defend our freedom.  We appreciate the respect and recognition you afforded them at the ride, especially during the tribute.  Our most tender memories are from those moments that began the ride each year.  It was there that we shared our love and appreciation for those who have sacrificed for our country as well as shared our hope that this nation will continue to endure because of the sacrifices of those who love freedom.  Thank you for making the Ride for the Fallen such a huge success!


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